How to Make Money with Pay per Click Sites

Make Money with Pay per Click

Many people across the globe continuously look ways to make money with Pay Per Click usually due to the relative ease of making money with it considering that money can be made from the comfort of the home. This has subsequently led to the increase in pay per click sites and the increasing pursuit to get money using these sites.

It is worth noting that opposed to the notion that once can almost become an instant millionaire since one is paid per click, the fact remains that not everyone gets so lucky to make it almost immediately.

There are a few things to learn about payperclick before starting the journey of online money making through PPC as it sometimes called. The first of these lessons is what PPC means. Pay per Click is a method advertisement that involves the setting up of ads and pay people to click the ads.

The effect of pay per click is in two ways – the owner of the ads, and the person that gets paid for clicking the ads. For the owner of the ads which is usually the owner of the business, the troubles of having to look for free organic traffic that could take as long as six months is taken out of the picture. The journey that should have taken four to six months can be completed in as little as five minutes.

For the people that click on the ads, the situation is pretty straight as they get paid per click. This means that the more ads you click, the more you earn.

Having analyzed the two different beneficiaries of PPC and how they earn from the platform, the question of how some people still find it difficult to get the desired results with PPC comes to mind. This is particularly relating to people that have ad campaigns and are looking to profit massively from the apps.

Sales Page

This is an important asset needed to profit from PPC. While sending people from your ad to the sales page could yield some result, sending the potential customer first to your landing page before proceeding to the sales page has been discovered to be more regarding when it comes to sales conversion.


Everything around the internet seems to revolve around keywords and even with PPC, selecting the right keywords is equally important. The cost of the keyword is the important consideration here as high cost keywords can be pretty expensive for your business.

Google AdWords

Yes, the big G also plays some part in PPC. While PPC tips might want to recommend the use of Google AdWords, Yahoo and some other PPC sites offer less costly clicks with similar targeted traffic.


It is not enough to have just one keyword if you are looking to drive massive traffic to your ad. Having hundreds or even thousands of keywords will increase your chances of getting massive traffic, even with lower average cost per click.

Having mentioned some tips on how to massively benefit from the PPC concept, it is also important to highlight some ways of making money with PPC. Some of these ways are briefly discussed below.

Build a List

It is a popular online saying that “the money is in the list”, and if you are familiar with this saying then you know how important building a list is to making money online, especially when it comes to sending PPC traffic to a squeeze page.

Promote Affiliate Products

This is best for persons that do not have their own products or are just starting up as it does not require the setting up of a website. All it requires is to select a product from any of the many affiliate networks like Clickbank and create an ad that sends traffic to the product.

Promote Your Product

This is quite similar to promoting affiliate products with the major difference being the owner of the product. This is time and capital consuming as compared to promoting affiliate products. It is however more rewarding with 100% of your sales being yours, as opposed to the commission gotten from promoting affiliate products.

Pay per click has been able to help millions of people across the globe to make good money from the internet and this is looking to stop anytime soon. It however requires the discerning effort of interested parties to ensure the success of the campaign as the concept is not a get rich quick scheme and should not be approached with that mindset.